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_______________________________________________________________ A cabin cascades a canyon. Wild flowers brighter than the reception of your visuals. Confusion contesting your facial perfections. Your imperfections collected and put forth. Only to be disregarded, or reevaluated. My creation of the world for you to escape. Where you'll find me. Waiting for you. Every time. I your conscience, as you coexist by me. Appreciated. I see the beauty you refuse to show. Like I'm the only one that knows. Your earthy colored eyes grow with sorrow when you see me go. I'm making my way to you my dear, so tell me all your dreams and fears. If I can't be your love forever. I'll be your friend for the storms and the weather. The rain will come I'll take your hand. I'll fight until your pain, just ends. ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ You're the atmosphere of my imagination. The brightest coils of colors with no saturation, but you are the sweetest fusion of confusion I've ever concussed. But no paint brush could ever paint on you. The most beautiful picture, on a perfect canvas. _____________________________________________________________ Say hello to my motivation. Say hello to my reason for living. Say hello to my daughter. I've been wandering through life for years, trying to figure out why I was here. This is the reason. HOOTtheGAMBINO by HOOTtheGAMBINO on Grooveshark

Life is somethin’ IMAX, film is at a climax. I ain’t even started, Was it stupid I departed? Man, probably, but now we do the things we always wanted I’m proud of me, cause I am undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with Please somebody cum laude me Graduated, anticipated the hatred and doubted me Not a prodigy, just a hard worker from the Dean’s List But most these rappers doin’ so-so like a seamstress, Jesus
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Horns | Movie Poster
Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple and Heather Graham. In theaters Oct. 31. 
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mom: *knocks on door*

me: just a second don’t come i—

mom: image

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that’s how you make armor for women, no bullshit boob cups.

Just beautiful.


Boob cups must be the most uncomfortable things on earth… What the hell are you supposed to do when one of your boobs slips out? Let’s say you inhale or move your chest somehow so your breasts get free from the cup and end up clipped on the edge?? You can’t even pull them like you can when your bra gets all screwed up! Like who wants to wear that while they’re fighting monsters and shit?

I hit reblog so hard I may have sprained my finger

boob cups could also kill you. If you fall on your chest, all your weight will be on the middle of the boob cups and your sternum could be crushed. bye bye heart.

and the fact that this is the Mulan from “Once Upon a Time” makes it even better

Yeah to that person up there I was like ” air five your the only person that actually said that!”
I like Mulan! She’s amazing!
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